The InCoWriMo Reaping is upon us! Except, instead of traveling the districts to select our dystopian death match participants (The Hunger Games, anyone?), we get to discuss our methods for choosing who we write to!

To begin with, I’d like to share a couple ideas from the InCoWriMo-2019.org Comments page.

  • Read through the Comments page! (Im1luckywoman)

    • Choose based on locations you’d like to visit.

    • Choose people with your first name.

  • Grab the nearest book, turn to page 30 and look for names or places. Use the search function on the address page (CTRL+F) to find options based on those names or locations. (CorrespondenceFan)

    • Search for the names of trees (or composers, or colors, or even types of weather!)

  • Choose by number! Write to someone at 1 XYZ Street on the first, and 2 ABC Ave on the second, and so on. (redparrot)

    • “Street names .. say flowers .. or countries … say ones that have appeared in books or discourse in the last year. Geographic locations … opposite side of the world, other side of the equator… follow a latitude around the world.”

Let’s brainstorm a few more, shall we?

  • Last year, I did a lot of reading of the comments section, looking for people that I had things in common with, or people who wrote things that made me curious. Having questions to ask related to others’ comments lends itself well to figuring out what to say in a letter to a new friend.

  • Use social media! Ask your friends on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for a name to look for, or about what the name of the street they grew up on is. Talk about a great way to double up on connecting with others, first via social media, and then via correspondence.

  • Do you have pets? Search for their names, or your favorite nicknames for them. (Though you’re unlikely to find Snugglebutt or Fluffy, perhaps you’ll have luck with Felix, or Oliver.)

  • Scroll to a random place on the address page, and point (gently) at your monitor. It’s probably time to wipe the dust off anyway.

  • Consider sending letters to people you actually know! My Dad absolutely loves getting snail mail from me, and my 12 year old niece is agog with excitement every time she gets something IN THE MAIL. THE ACTUAL MAIL BOX. It’s amazing the love you can share with one little letter or postcard. Consider that there are children, teens, and young adults in our world who have never ever received a proper letter. Keeping this form of correspondence alive will depend on their participation!

I’d love to hear what you think! What ideas can we add to our list of addressee choosing? What’s missing? What blows your mind? HAPPY INCOWRIMO KICK-OFF! Get writing, friends! xo

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InCoWriMo Anxiety and What To Say To Complete Strangers

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So you want to InCoWriMo...