What are you writing with today?

What are you writing with today?

This post does not contain affiliate links! I just like these things.

I’m a bit of a stationery nerd. I own that pretty well. I’d say hoarder, but would you believe that I’m actually low on supplies? This must be remedied, honestly, I can’t go on this way.

So right now, all letters I send are on this butterfly-gold-foil paper with blue envelopes. It’s quite pretty, it does have some visual interest, but one set? No no no, I definitely need some variety. I’ll be shopping around for some today. Suggestions? Please leave me a comment!


Butterflies Letter-Perfect Stationery

Peter Pauper Press, $10.99 at Barnes and Noble


The fountain pens, though. Let’s talk pens and ink! My favorite shop for all things fountain pens and ink is The Goulet Pen Co. If you’re just getting into fountain pens, inks, journaling supplies, and fine papers, this is the place to shop. Further, their YouTube channel is a fountain (HA!) of wealth when it comes to information. They’re entertaining and affable, and cover absolutely everything, as they’ve been making videos nearly as long as they’ve been in business. Click the item names below to view on their website.


Lamy AL-Star (fine), Pacific - This pen was originally a special edition, but they’ve added the color to their collection permanently! Available this month.

Lamy Pacific (Turquoise) Ink

Noodler’s Ahab Flex (Nib #6), Arizona

Noodler’s Apache Sunset Ink.

Jinhao X750 (medium), Shimmering Sands

J. Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor Ink. (Definitely view this sheening/shimmering ink!)


This is what’s on my desk today! I’d love to hear about what you’re using today!

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