5 Reasons You Should Jump Into an InCoWriMo Already In Progress

5 Reasons You Should Jump Into an InCoWriMo Already In Progress

There are dozens of reasons to write letters, year round. Here are just 5 reasons why you ought to get in on the fun now, even though we’re just over a week in.

You have a serious jones to make penfriends all over the world.

There’s a very specific feeling you get when writing an actual letter. The knowing that this very piece of paper that you’re writing on with actual ink will be in the hands of another person. These moments feel etched in time, they feel vintage, they feel authentically human. A moment in which you didn’t need to involve a computer, or a phone, or even electricity is a rare moment these days. Connecting with another human under those circumstances only stands to enrich it. You get to send that note across worlds, real worlds, to places you may have never been. Releasing a piece of yourself to adventure without you is almost as good as going with it.

You love to (or need to) practice your handwriting.

There are no rules regarding handwriting when participating in InCoWriMo. Bring us your scrawl, your chicken-scratch, and your letters listing up or down as you write. However, if you’re looking to improve, this is a way to practice that doesn’t mean you need to get out some kindergarten worksheets to write single letter after single letter.

Write slowly, and make someone’s day while you reconnect with holding a pen like you mean it.

It’s a great excuse to use your vast collection of pens and stationery!

More pens than I have actual space to store them? CHECK. Years worth of stationery built from a love of correspondence and good intentions? CHECK. Listen, you have this stuff because you love the handwritten word, you love the romance of a letter, and you have an eye for the aesthetic of correspondence. Work it, baby. This is what you’ve been waiting for! Get out that tote of cards, dig in your desk drawer for the gorgeous envelopes you’ve been saving, and ink up your favorite fountain pen. (Or buy a new one for the occasion! HEY, no one’s judging.) In the end, the more letters you write, the more need you have to buy stationery. Do you get me? Yes. I knew you would.

Establishing a daily writing ritual is good for your mood.

This may be one of my most favorite reasons for jumping into InCo any old time. The benefits of expressive writing have been long researched, and supported time and again. Voicing your thoughts, putting words to feelings, and not just allowing, but giving to yourself the time to think via writing is linked to improved mood, enhanced creativity, a reduction in anxiety and depressive symptoms, better communication and literally hundreds of other benefits. Letter writing gives you many similar advantages, from sparking creativity, to the good feeling of knowing you’ll make someone’s day. Totally worth it.

Get in touch with old friends, long lost family members, and even kids who have never received mail before!

Do you remember a simpler time, before cell phones, before high-speed internet, before we were all hooked into the grid literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? (You don’t? Oh Honey, pull up a seat, and we can talk about a time before Facebook and Pokémon.) Getting letters in the mail used to be a much more common thing. Most recently, the post office seems to deliver bills and Amazon packages nearly exclusively. Can you imagine never having received a letter before? Kids now are so connected to the internet, it is conceivable at this rate, that some could go their entire lives with never actually encountering actual postal correspondence. Truth be told, that breaks my heart.

Then, there’s friends you’ve lost touch with, and family you haven’t seen in ages— (or maybe you saw them yesterday!) I can’t think of a sweeter thing than to hear from people I miss. You could even write to your significant other, or your roommate, ah heck, send a note to your cat!

In the end, this is all about connecting. I’ll keep beating that drum. The internet is so convenient, and filled with an infinite amount of information, knowledge, ways to get in touch. Obviously, I’m a big fan.

But what do we miss when we only communicate with others in a digital space?

What do you think?

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